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Nesting birds can block a flue in as little as 2 days but they are protected under law and must not be disturbed during the nesting period without an appropriate licence and unless they are causing a problem under Health & Safety law.

We carry a SNH General Licence which permits us to remove nests throughout the nesting season and fit a birdguard to prevent nesting for the most common nesting birds however, wherever possible, we will avoid harming young and will inspect the nest and discuss our findings before proceeding


On occasion protected species may be found in which case we will work closely with the homeowner to make the right decision regarding removal.

For example it may be possible to wait until the nesting period is over before removing a nest and fitting a birdguard if other sources of heating available.

Or by obtaining a Special Licence and working closely with the RSPB and SNH to legally & safely remove the nest and young in the case of an oil boiler flue or multifuel boiler flue where no other source of heating can be used.

This was most recently done with a nest of 4 owlets near Grantown.

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