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chimney sweep cleaning moray


Regular chimney sweeping is essential to keep your flue clean and clear of blockages and to allow flue gases to vent quickly and efficiently. 

Some are put off by the traditional idea of a chimney sweep creating clouds of soot and dust but modern chimney sweeping is clean and efficient with very little disruption to you and your home.

As ICS qualified and registered sweeps you can be sure we will:

  • Turn up on time,

  • Carry photographic ID

  • Sweep your flue with the correct equipment,

  • Provide you with with a clean and efficient service,

  • Carry out relevant safety checks on your stove or appliance,

  • Provide you with information and advice on getting the best out of your stove or appliance,

  • Issue you with a sweeping certificate free of charge as required by your buildings insurer.

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