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Lining a chimney can be an expensive business so it makes sense to ensure it is done properly using materials and techniques that will last. Poor quality liners or those installed without due care can corrode when exposed to damp and flue gases. As chimney sweeps we want to ensure we can (potentially!) maintain your flue for years to come so it is in our interests to make sure the job is done well.

We only supply and install high quality liners and ensure these are supported, insulated and sealed appropriately to maintain their lifespan.

We are happy to come out and assess your flue and provide you with information and advice to help you decide what type of flue is right for you. We will provide you with a fixed price for materials and installation for each option that is valid for 6 months so you are not pressured into making a decision and there a are no nasty surprises.

Customers are also provided with information after installation to help them get the best from their new liner and ensure it is well maintained.

All of our liners are installed with a minimum 20 year manufacturer's product replacement warranty (T&Cs apply - details available from manufacturer & provided at time of installation)

Poorly installed, low quality liner removed locally.

The liner had been installed without support or insulation in a wide flue.

The weight of the liner combined with acidic flue gases and rain have caused it to corrode and unravel.

This liner is only 5 years old.

It had already been replaced once by the previous installer.

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